1.  How long have you been in business producing giclee’s?

  • We’ve been producing fine art giclees and photos on canvas for over 15 years!

2.  How far will you ship?

  • We ship to all 50 states.

3.  I noticed you advertise “Green” printing, what does that mean?

  • We have been “Green” since our inception. We only print with eco-friendly inks and for every roll of canvas we print on a tree is planted.

4.  What kind of stretcher bars do you use?

  • We only use kiln dried stretcher bars to ensure no warping. We custom build every stretcher bar to order and cross brace all gallery wraps over 30” to add structural integrity.

5.  What about color consistency?

  • Since we custom build our own custom color profiles using our state of the art x-Rite equipment you’re assured that each print will be color accurate. We are adept in printing your file in either the sRGB or Adobe1998 color spaces. Just make sure the file you are sending has the color space embedded and if not we will print in sRGB color space.

6.  What size image file do I need to send?

  • Generally, if the photograph was taken with a 3 megapixel camera on its finest setting then you’re in good shape with even a 20×24 print. But don’t hesitate to ask before submitting an order. We have years of experience in making a print look good even at extreme sizes.

7.  Do you print the file I send or do you perform any manipulation before printing?

  • We will print the file just as you send it to us but always prepare each file individually to maximize its printing capability. We have developed proprietary printing techniques that make each print look its best.

8.  Do you charge extra to make my print look its best?

  • No. Our basic service is designed to give you boutique quality at no additional charge.

9.  What equipment do you use?

  • That’s a good question. We have 6 giclee printers from different manufacturers. We are not brand loyalists but do have our preferences based on over a decade of experience. Rest assured that all have produced giclees. Our service has even been utilized to reproduce specific original art appraised at over 22 million dollars and viewed by art critics.

10.  What substrates or canvas do you use?

  • Again, we use several, but only use the best papers and canvas available and will change if products get even better. Our canvas utilizes coatings that contain no OBA’s or “optical brighteners” which under testing can cause yellowing over time. Simply put, we will only use the best papers and canvas available.

11.  What if I am not satisfied with the finished item when I receive it?

  • Our service is backed by a satisfaction guaranteed policy. Just ship it back in its original packaging and we will credit your account less shipping cost. Note: this has never happened yet but be assured we’ll make it right!

12.  What is the turnaround time?

  • Turnaround time is usually 3 or 4 days before shipping. We are not an overnight service but that’s why we are comfortable with our quality. Cutting corners is not part of our business model and our customers appreciate it.

13. What if I have another question not answered above, or about a particular item?

  • Send us an email us or call us. We will get you an answer!