Reproduction services – Best in the Southeast.

Art Warehouse was the first company in Chattanooga to offer museum-quality art reproduction services. We have reproduced thousands of different pieces of artwork for artists and customers. Art Warehouse uses the best technology to capture your artwork. There is no other true reproduction service available in Chattanooga. We have years of experience capturing all forms of artwork. We can even photograph art that is framed behind glass*.

We offer two different levels of art reproductions. The high-res art reproduction service utilizes the best technology available to capture (or digitize) your artwork. If you plan on printing giclees of your artwork, then the high-res service is the best available for true reproductions. The low-res art reproduction version is best for documentation of art, submission to an art show, or if you need web-ready images of your art. But don’t let the ‘low-res’ fool you… We still utilize a 45mp D-SLR to capture your work.

Hi-Res Features:

  • Large file capability
  • Color correction included in high-res service
  • 8×10 proof (Included with $100 scan only – Proofed to match the original art)
  • Includes DVD of final image files – 3 files included (Full size TIF, Medium size TIF, Small size JPG)

Cost: $100.00 each piece (with color corrections proof)


Cost: $50.00 each piece (without color-corrections – soft proofed in computer)

Low-Res Features:

  • Lower cost alternative
  • No color corrections
  • Includes DVD of final image file – 1 file included

 Cost: $25.00 each piece

*NOTE: If your art is framed and you want us to remove it before capturing, there is a $25.00 fee added.

Art Warehouse scanned an original painting from the 1950s, in which our file was used to authenticate it, and it was appraised at over 23-million dollars. We are confident that our high resolution reproduction service can exceed any expectations you may have in digitizing your art. To set up an appointment, please contact us.

Info Question? Don’t be afraid, we have probably had it asked before. Go ahead and email us!